Positive Astrology or Astrology and the Law of Attraction

When an astrologer looks at a chart they see a lot of different things, and the things they see can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. That’s where the intuition and philosophy of the particular astrologer come into play. I have heard some astrologers make some very dire predictions about particular aspects. Then I’ve heard other astrologers come in and make optimistic predictions about the very same aspects. Who’s right? They both are. Have you ever heard the Cherokee proverb about the two wolves? We all have two wolves battling inside us. One is anger, jealousy, greed, etc. The other is joy, peace, love, humility, etc. Which one lives? Whichever one you feed (look it up).  

What kind of energy takes precedence in your life? Whatever energy you feed. When I look at a person’s chart, I like to focus on how they can use the positive side to bring more light into their lives. I listened to this one astrologer give a weekly forecast and she started out by apologizing because there were going to be so many negative aspects that could not be avoided. Throughout her forecast she predicted all kinds of difficulties, confusion, and conflict. The whole time she continued to apologize, but then say that she couldn’t help it, that was just the way the week was going to play out. She said that if she had something positive to tell us she would, but this is just going to be a very tough week. Interestingly enough, there were a few positive aspects that she mentioned in her forecast, but every time she mentioned one she would say things like, but you can’t trust that because Venus is retrograde, or you can’t trust it because Mercury is in shadow, or you can’t trust it because of the negative aspect Pluto is making… You get the picture. One would be led to believe that all of her negative predictions were spot on, but the positive ones were questionable. Why does it have to be that way? Why couldn’t the positive overrule the negative?  

The truth is, truth is subjective. There are multiple ways of viewing every energy, signal, or sign that the cosmos sends us. The energy that lives in you is the energy you feed. If you have people in your life who are constantly urging you to view every event through a negative lense and promote the most pessimistic vision of the future, that energy is toxic. Feeding into it will make you sick in more ways than one.

I focus on positive astrology. I encourage people to work WITH the various energies to propel them toward their highest vision for themselves. The bottom line for me is this: If you believe all the doom and gloom predictions, that will be your reality – but there’s more to the story.  

Let’s take everybody’s favorite (and a very timely example) – Mercury retrograde. I was first taught to look at Mercury retrograde as a crazy time when Murphy’s Law was definitely going to be in full effect. Just know that everything is going to go wrong during this period and anything you initiate during this time is doomed. I have no doubt there are people who experience this reality every time Mercury goes retrograde.  

Now let me tell you what I have experienced by attempting to work with the energy instead of fearing it. It’s a really positive time to get more introspective. It’s a great time to reevaluate things from the past and gain new insight. It’s a time for slowing down and being in the moment, and reminding yourself not to get so caught up with minor mishaps. It’s a time to make sure that we are communicating clearly, and that when others communicate with us, we are paying attention to detail and not seeing things that aren’t really there. It is when, if we allow it, we can practice forgiving ourselves for the times when we slip up. When you forgive yourself, you will be more forgiving with others. When the planets go into retrograde motion, they can be like that really good friend or partner who isn’t afraid to let you know when you’re slipping, who will encourage you to slow down so you can get back on track. When we view the energy this way and work with it instead of against it, something that a lot of people view as a negative can really become a positive.

So here’s to the positive practice of astrology and all the people who look for the good in this life.

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