The Astrological Tea for Mid-May 2017

Mercury is now moving direct; so a lot of the confusion associated with the Mercury retrograde is clearing up, but now it’s conjunct Uranus until about the middle of the week.  That means we can still expect some Mercurian style surprises or unexpected revelations.  These are things that have to do with the mind, communication, and travel.  And don’t expect these unexpected events or revelations to be subtle and demure – this is happening in Aries folks.  Aries is more like: THIS IS SPARTAAAA! Aries is represented by the God of War.  He did not come to play! Saturn the task master is happy with these two planets; so know that you WILL be able to handle whatever comes your way. You just have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

Mars is squaring Neptune which I have been having my own issues with.  All I am going to say about my issues is beware of medication screw ups.  If you have to take medicine now through this week make sure that everything is right.  Check and double check the instructions and drug interactions and make sure your physicians know what you’re taking that is being prescribed by your other doctors.  Additionally, be careful of food interactions:  mistakenly eating something you’re allergic to, or food poisoning due to food not being prepared or stored correctly. On another note, this energy can promote jealousy. It can make you feel overly suspicious of others.  You may feel like people are trying to sabotage you even when they’re not.  This can lead to unnecessary arguments or worse.  Just be careful before you lose your temper or act out in a cross manner. Try to keep it under control until you can see things more clearly.

Mars is coming at us with the gift and the curse.  It’s working with Jupiter to show us ways that we can create expansion and opportunities for ourselves this week.  It’s a positive time to begin a project that has to do with any short distance or short-term travel, communication, beautification of some sort. Just beware of the Uranus aspect mentioned above.  If you have the chance to work with a sibling or cousin on some project, now could be the opportune time for that as well.   This aspect lasts for about a week but Mercury’s movements are going to enhance some of these same themes until at least the second half of June. If things have seemed somewhat out of balance in some areas of your life, you may begin to see them balance out in a good way.  If it seemed like people who use deception, lies and other nefarious tactics to get what they want have been winning all the time, Jupiter and Mars are ready to join forces and balance the scales.  

On 05.16 Mercury moves into earth sign Taurus.  Taurus grounds Mercury a little bit.  If you’ve had a lot of lofty dreams floating around in your head, now is the time to make them concrete.  Let’s bring things from the dream world into the material world.  Taurus is all about things that you can touch, see, hear, smell, and taste.  And if Taurus knows it’s real, he might bring you some money to support your endeavor.  Just beware of being toooo rigid and conservative in your thinking.  Earth signs always run the risk of taking that kind of thinking too far.  Balance is ALWAYS key.  Mercury will be in Taurus through the first week in June.

When the sun moves into Gemini at the very end of the week we’ll find ourselves very curious about a bunch of things.  Curiosity is great; it motivates us to learn and try new things.  Just beware of spreading yourself too thin.  Gemini can encourage us to put a little too much on our plate and then scatter our energy so we don’t really get much accomplished. Be social, but not gossipy. Allow some opportunities in your schedule for light-hearted social fun in the coming weeks.

Saturn is in a positive aspect with Uranus.  This energy could be felt for some starting in probably the end of March, but the true aspect is at its high point on 05.19.  Astrological energy starts building itself up until it hits it’s peak and then it’s starts to drop off.  Planets closer to the sun move around very quickly so we feel their effects very quickly.  Planets further from the sun, like Saturn and Uranus, move slowly; so their effects linger a lot longer. The energy of Saturn trine Uranus became very noticeable on Friday and will remain so until at least 05.25 peaking on 05.19.  After the 25th it will start to decline but can still be felt through July depending on how sensitive your are to it.  If you’re interested in making lasting changes to your life this is the energy to tap into.  Uranus is about change; Saturn is about putting the work in to make those changes last.  Uranus likes to throw curve balls, but Saturn is a straight shooter.  The aspect is positive so expect a clear path for these changes.  If anything, instead of obstacles, you may receive unexpected help. Take it!  Allow Saturn to bring order to your chaos.

Venus and Jupiter are making everyone want to play instead of work.  My suggestion is either find a way to combine work and play or tackle your responsibilities first, then you can play and/or relax.  If you don’t, you may find it very difficult to tear yourself away from your leisure activities to get back to work and you’ll be sorry.


6 thoughts on “The Astrological Tea for Mid-May 2017

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