It’s Super(new)moon!

There’s a new moon in Gemini on 5|25|17.  It’s  a super new moon (meaning close to the earth) so it’s effects will be more powerful. This is good news if you’ve been wanting to take a short trip. Gemini’s most kindred sign rules when it comes to short trips.  The energy will still be active come Memorial Day weekend; so plan a trip if you’re so inclined.  If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a car or any type of electronics you might want to see if you can catch a decent Memorial Day sale.  Last month was an inopportune time for all of that stuff with Mercury retrograde but now it’s direct and there’s a super new moon in Gemini so go for it!  There’s plenty of positive energy surrounding this new moon.  Tap into it!

Gemini energy is upbeat, maybe even bubbly at times.  It’s an energy that can help you to think fast on your feet.  The sluggish mental confusion that some of us felt during the retrograde is gone and we can tap into that quick Gemini wit.  If you felt like your emotions were in overdrive from the sensitive Scorpio full moon two weeks ago, you should be able to get some relief, and if there was something that needed to be brought to resolution you should have the mental wherewithal to do that after Thursday.

If you want to really tap into the Gemini sun/moon energy try not to get yourself locked into any set plans.  Gemini is happiest when allowed to just go with the flow and float  off wherever her curiosity takes her.

Favored activities: Learning, traveling, socializing, spending time with siblings and/or cousins, spending time with neighbors, social media

Just keep it light and airy.  Gemini is a mentally curious sign that loves to gather information and explore, but she’s not really one for deep philosophizing or emotional soul searching transformation.  You may be able to take the information you gather now and use it for some deeper purpose later on.  Right now think: “Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind…”

Passionate Mars is also in Gemini.  Gemini is a flirtatious energy and with Venus in the passionate, assertive sign of Aries, Mars’ most kindred sign, fun times could be in store for some.  Just be careful.  You know your situation.  Don’t provoke Mars/Aries into a jealous rage.  If you’re attached, focus your flirtatious energies on you partner.  If you’re doing something shady and your partner is suspicious, that Gemini energy will likely lend a boost to their investigative capabilities.

Gemini’s flirtations are usually insignificant flights of fancy, but Venus, goddess of love, is making a potentially explosive aspect toward transformative Pluto.  One never knows which direction things are going to go when Gemini is involved, but this could be the start of a love affair that will lead to huge changes in your life.  There’s lots of ways to look at that.  Maybe the affair itself will be insignificant, but it may inspire you to make changes in yourself that are life-altering.  Maybe a person who you were just passing time with will turn out to be a soul mate and you will spend your life with them.  There is more than one path open to you at this time.  You have to choose which one to take.  Proceed with caution though because Pluto also rules obsession.  Self esteem issues can play out in obsessive, compulsive ways.

With Mars, the sun, and the new moon in Gemini, you may feel ready to take on lots of new projects.  Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is still in Taurus giving us the impetus to take those thoughts that have been rolling around in our heads and turn them into something real. Use Taurus’ slow and steady approach to calm down flighty Gemini’s tendency to put too many irons in the fire at once.  If you can find the balance between these energies you can really be very productive in the coming weeks.


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