Matters of the Rational Heart

Good morning and happy 1st day of June already!

If you have been agonizing over making decisions about your lovelife lately, today is a good day to sort things out and make decisions.  Venus and Saturn are getting along well and the moon is in Virgo.  You should be able to think logically and rationally about the emotional matters of the heart.  It’s also a good time if you’d like to make decisions regarding your look or the look of your surroundings.  You’ll probably be pleased with the changes for a long time to come. Saturn is nothing if not loyal.  This doesn’t mean blind loyalty to people who do not deserve it.  Saturn rewards those who have proven themselves.  It’s a good time to show your support and loyalty to those who have supported and kept it real with you. With Venus moving into a conjunction with surprise-a-minute, revealer of hidden knowledge Uranus be prepared to receive unexpected information.  Don’t worry; any surprises should turn out to be beneficial.  If the benefits are not clear right away, they will be in the long run.


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