Positive Energy Abounds

There are some interesting, expansive things going on, especially for about 75% of the people. Water signs may not feel this energy as much (it depends on what else is going on in your chart), but I feel like air, fire, and earth signs have an increased ability to manifest their desires more easily now through at least the beginning of July, maybe longer. With Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini, and Jupiter turning direct in Libra, positive energy abounds. Wherever Taurus and Gemini fall in your chart, you should have the feeling of being in your element because the two planets I just mentioned have come home to their kindred signs. Venus is especially happy because her two kindred signs are Taurus and Libra. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion has been in Libra but it’s been retrograde for a while (since the beginning of February). Now it is turning direct. As it turns direct it will be sending out lots of positive energy and Venus will be sitting in Taurus the planet of material and sensual pleasures ready to show her appreciation by making desires manifest.  There’s also a full moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s kindred sign. Some astrologers are giving this full moon mixed reviews because Saturn the planet of hard work and responsibility is in Sagittarius, but actually the full moon in Sagittarius at this time just adds to the rewards we are seeing. It makes sense because we see a lot of graduations at this time. That’s a clear example of hard work paying off. That’s what we can expect right now. Wherever Sagittarius falls in your chart, you may have been tasked with some hard work to do, but the full moon is bringing some part of that to an end and Jupiter is ready to give you a little taste of the rewards to come when Saturn is finished with that area of your life. Of course, if you have shirked your responsibilities Saturn will make it difficult for you to receive those rewards. Saturn is still in Sagittarius; so there is still more work to be done. We can’t get lazy. To go back to my graduation analogy: When you graduate you take a little time to celebrate and receive your well deserved accolades, but the work doesn’t stop. Now it’s time to prove yourself in the world of work and/or step up to the next level of your educational path. It’s exciting and rewarding, but there is more work involved. People with Sagittarius prominent in their chart should also feel like some of the weight has been lifted off their shoulders as Jupiter their most kindred planet goes direct. Wherever Sagittarius falls in your chart, things may not be completely easy and effortless (for Sagittarius a lot of things usually are easy and effortless), but it’s getting better. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Wherever Libra falls in your chart, you may have already been experiencing growth and expansion, but the retrograde may have put a damper on it. That is beginning to lift now so you have a lot to look forward to; get excited. Excitement helps you to tap into that positive energy.

Back in April I stated that it was a time for reflection and research and that you might want to hold off on taking action. Well, now is the time for action. You might still be feeling a little sluggish, maybe even depressed. You might feel like any action you take is not going to make a difference. You may even be feeling insignificant, but it’s time to change that mindset. No matter how small you may feel, you are powerful. No matter what has gone wrong it’s not too late to accomplish new things. If your life doesn’t seem to be taking the trajectory you thought it would that’s okay. It may not feel like it but you are in a Divine place and time and you can leap into where you want to be, but YOU have to take the initiative. The universe has all the positive energy available to you, all you have to do is make the moves.. Don’t be discouraged by your past. Don’t be discouraged by your life circumstances. Don’t be discouraged by what someone else is doing. Don’t be discouraged by anything. Just keep moving, and if you come across an obstacle, don’t let it stop you. The only way to lose is to quit. If you make a mistake, learn from it, regroup, and keep going! With regards to leadership, you can try to tell people what to do, but there is no guarantee they will listen to you; you must lead by example. Walk the talk. Do what you love and let your light shine. The world is your stage.


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