Cancer Season

June 22, 2017

Happy belated Summer Solstice.  Cancer season has officially begun and the Cancer new moon is on Friday, June 23.  It’s a good time for connecting with your emotional side, but as always, be careful about taking it to the extreme. Cancer DOES have a tendency toward overemotionality; so remember to check yourself if you should start to feel like people are treating you unfairly or you’re feeling unappreciated.  Don’t take this as me being mean, but it’s possible that you could be overreacting with this transit.  If you can find the line between connecting with your emotions and your intuition, but not wallowing in the more negative emotions, you can make really good use of this transit.  The theme right now is CONNECT TO YOUR INTUITION.

We need to really make good use of this water energy right now because we have a lot of powerful influences coming up very shortly in the fire signs.  Those are coming at the end of next month when the Sun moves into it’s most kindred sign, Leo, for a solar eclipse.  With all these planets on fire, you’ll want to take steps to make sure you don’t get consumed by the flames.  All energies have to ability to build/create or destroy/tear down.  What makes the difference is how we choose to exercise our free will and use that energy that the cosmos is sending us. So connect to this water energy we have flowing right now because you already know the fire is coming. It’s just like the danger of wildfires during the hottest dryest weeks of summer.  If the earth is dry the fire can spread very rapidly destroying all in it’s path.  If we haven’t properly spread that water energy in our lives beforehand we may see our plans go up in flames, but if things are in their proper order, we can use fire as a purifier.  Our controlled use of the fire energy can burn away what is dead and no longer of service in our lives and make way for renewal.

Let us spend this time connecting to the mother energy that is present in all of us. Cancer is the most nurturing sign.  Nurture your loved ones. Spend time with family and all those whom you hold dear.  Take the time to connect on a deep emotional level.  Strengthen those bonds for they will sustain you.  Mercury is also in Cancer helping you to find the words to communicate your emotions to others.  Use your words to bring people closer to you.  You will benefit if you spread love.  Resist the urge to nag or be overly critical. Resist feelings of emotional insecurity.  Be mindful because it is easy to slip into that harsh, judgemental tone without even realizing it.  Additionally, to avoid the pitfalls of Cancer energy, do not become passive-aggressive, something Cancer is known for.  That will push loved ones away instead of drawing them in, and drawing them in is what will really make you happy.  With all this nurturing going on, please please please don’t forget to nurture yourself.  You must nurture your own inner child so that you have the strength to give to others.  If You feel depleted that will make you more likely to give in to the negative aspects of these transits.  If you feel depleted you won’t be able feel your own intuition and follow it.

We always like to use new moon energy to initiate new beginnings.  This new moon is especially good for any type of idea you’d like to set in motion that deals emotion, spirituality, intuition, nurturing, motherhood, family, the home, the activities that make you feel at home – all things Cancer.  The coming week is a great time to get things started.

On Saturday, June 24, Venus from her kindred sign of Taurus will be beaming some positive energy to Pluto the sign of transformation.  If you have been wanting to make some lasting changes in your life but have been lacking the material resources you need to implement them Venus might be ready to give you what you need.  Venus likes to bestow gifts when she is in Taurus. Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and possibly Aries will likely benefit the most.  However we all have all the signs somewhere in our chart so we can all find ways to tap into the energy in some way.  This positive energy does not come without some resistance from aggressive Mars but Mars’ resistant energy is weak and Venus is strong.  So after Mars makes a weak attempt to shoot her down on Sunday, she will find herself buoyed by the healing waters of Neptune on Monday and Monday is a very auspicious day to begin your new project. Get your plans together over the weekend, and initiate on Monday or soon thereafter to make the best use of this cosmic energy.  Just listen to your intuition and beware of tricksters who would encourage you to second guess what that small still voice is telling you.  Don’t fret, you got this.  Stand firm, but remain humble so you can discern the difference between intuition and ego.

Next week we have Mercury making all types of different aspects which could leave us feeling all over the place mentally.  You may make plans with someone one day and then by the next day you’ll find that they want to head in a totally different direction, or it could be you who can’t seem to make up your mind.  All the more reason for you to really try to live by our theme right now and listen to your intuition.  Let the heart lead right now because your brain might be in overdrive, overthinking everything and unable to stick to a decision.  A lot of information is coming in and you need to allow yourself some processing time.


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