08/7/17 Eclipse Season

Welcome to eclipse season.  Monday is the lunar eclipse in Aquarius and coming up later this month will be a total solar eclipse which is a major event whether you are into astrology or not.


Astrologically speaking, eclipses are significant events.  They occur along with full moons or new moons and they greatly intensify the power of these events.  Full moons are all about endings and new moons are all about beginnings, but in the cyclic nature of our lives and the universe the two are really connected.  Things end and new beginnings are created.  Things begin because something has ended.  Monday, 08/7/17, we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius.  We can look at this as the end of a cycle.  It is a time of letting go.  Sometimes we fight to hold on because we are resistant to change but wisdom teaches us that when things have run their course, the more we fight, the more painful the process will be and the thing we fought to hold onto either leaves or changes in such a way that it becomes almost unrecognizable anyway.  So we end up feeling that all the fighting we did was for naught.  There are times to fight and there are times to surrender.  Astrology teaches us about cycles.  Full moons, especially full moon eclipses, are a time to surrender.  There is nothing weak about surrendering.  In fact, most people who have faced difficult times will tell you that surrendering often requires more strength than fighting.  It definitely draws on your spiritual strength.  However, there is also a peace that comes with the ability to surrender.  The peace that you find in surrender will prepare you for the new doors that life is ready to open for you.  Pay attention to what comes up in your life and understand that the Spirit World is telling you not to fight, but to let go.  


The lunar eclipse in Aquarius is about closing the door on the past to live your dreams of the future.  Is there an area of your life where you have been feeling burdened or bogged down?  The eclipse may be presenting you with an opportunity to break free.  Aquarius is the sign of freedom.  You must pay attention because every opportunity does not necessarily feel like an opportunity.  That’s the reason people sometimes miss them.  We always hear stories about opportunity knocking and people not hearing it.  Most people aren’t just running around turning down obvious positive opportunities.  People miss opportunities because they do not always appear as positive.  Truthfully, it is often how you view and handle the situation that determines whether it will be positive or not.  That is the free will that we have been blessed with.  The Universe is presenting us with a situation that has the potential to go in many different directions.  The question is not where the Universe is taking you, but where you will take what the Universe presents to you.


As an example, you may be faced with the loss of a job.  That feels like a bad thing, but good and bad are relative terms.  The loss of a job is painful.  It is usually not something that we wish for. If you recently lost your job or are about to lose your job you may not see anything positive in that situation.  Maybe it wasn’t job that you hated (as so many people hate their jobs, unfortunately). It might have been your dream job. You might have adored your co-workers.  You may have felt like this job brought purpose and fulfillment to your life.  You may feel crushed by this ending.  I did not promise that the eclipse would be easy, but surrender anyway.  Even if you don’t see it now, even if it is difficult to see in the weeks or months to come, this ending was something that had to happen.  It is time for life to shift in a new way for you.  Growth isn’t always pretty, it doesn’t always feel good, and it’s not always a straight path.  You may have to go through some deep, dark valleys before you get to the other side. Eclipses usually change things in such a way that you must find your new normal.  Even if the changes that this eclipse brings to your life are not earth shattering, the smaller changes that it brings will occur in such a way that things will never be quite the same again.  We must find a way to embrace these changes.  It will be easier for some than others. Welcome the wisdom gained and the lessons learned whether the ending feels positive or negative.  The eclipse means the end of a cycle, and Aquarius is very much about discovering new ways of doing things or better yet a new way of being.


As usual full moons have a tendency to bring our emotions to the surface.  They often lay bare the parts of our personalities that we’re not always comfortable exposing to the outside world.  That’s why we have been taught to expect the unexpected during full moons.  Monday’s full moon is in Aquarius whose kindred planet Uranus is all about revealing hidden truths.  You may see sides of people that will take you by surprise.  You may be the one surprising people with your words and actions.  Full moons often make us feel more impulsive and the eclipse just heightens these feelings.  It’s like a full moon on steroids.  


Mars, the warrior planet is opposing the full moon.  That potentially adds a lot of aggression to the mix.  Try to channel your Mars energy in a positive way so that it doesn’t make a volatile situation worse.  Get some exercise.  Challenge yourself.  Throw yourself into some project that requires you to exert physical energy in a positive way so that it doesn’t exhibit itself in a negatively.  Energy seeks an outlet.  What type of outlet will you provide?


At the same time, Jupiter is sending it’s positive expansive vibes in the Moon’s direction, putting a positive spin on this eclipse for many of us, especially those who have strong Libra or Sagittarius energy in our birth charts. Those with prominent Aries and Leo energy may have to dig a little deeper to find the positivity. People with strong Cancer and Leo energy tend to notice the effects of any eclipse no matter where it falls but the eclipses this month may affect those with Leo, sun, moon, or ascendants more than usual because obviously, it’s Leo season.    


There will be a lot of positive energy to go around on Thursday when Mercury will be making love to Venus and the Sun will be making love to Jupiter.  Those with strong Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, and Cancer should feel this the most. That’s seven out of twelve signs, and the truth is we all have the energy of the entire zodiac within us so you should be able to tap into the positive vibes somewhere in your life.  This may not be as powerful as the eclipse energy, but a good day is a good day; I’ll take it!


This weekend Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo; so you could feel like you’re in kind of a mental funk.  It will probably be a little more intense this weekend, as retrogrades like to start off with a bang, but the effects will continue for the next few weeks.  Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself being more forgetful than usual, making silly mistakes, having a hard time getting organized. It’s not you; it’s the Cosmos.  It’s not the greatest time to make a major decision like signing a contract, accepting a job offer, making a major purchase (especially if it has anything to do with travel, communication, or electronics).  As we know, Mercury retrogrades a lot.  So you can’t necessarily put your life on hold every time this happens.  Therefore, if you must do those things, go ahead and do them.  This is just a word of caution.  Things that are initiated during a Mercury retrograde often come with hidden details that may have caused us to choose differently had we known about them upfront.  It’s the fine print that you forgot to read, or was altogether hidden from you so you couldn’t read it.  My advice is, if you can comfortably put off whatever it is for a month or so, do that.  If it’s something you need to pull the trigger on right now – then do so, but slowly and deliberately, not impulsively.  Pay close attention to all details, and even bring in someone else who is more knowledgeable in the area than you to help you review those details. The Mercury retrograde exception is things from the past that come back to you at this time. Retrogrades do just what they sound like they do; they bring things back.  If an opportunity that you let slip by you in the past comes back your way, this could be an ideal time to take it.  If a door you thought had closed suddenly reopens it wouldn’t be a bad idea to walk through.  Retrogrades are a time when people can look over the past and make corrections.  If you already have some sort of contract or agreement but you’re unhappy with it, you may have an chance to renegotiate the terms.  If a person from you past pops up with a new opportunity for you, you’ve got the green light to go for it.


On the same day that Mercury officially goes retrograde (08/12/17), Venus will be sending creative, sensual vibes to Neptune.  It is a good time for relaxing and/or creative activities.  If you have some sort of creative outlet that allows you to de-stress and escape your problems, Saturday is the perfect day to indulge in that activity.  The results will be blessed by the goddess of beauty.  It should definitely be something relaxing though, not something that feels like work.  In fact, it’s a good day for relaxing activities in general.  Do something calm and soothing and allow your worries to melt away.  


If you have work you need to get done this weekend, Sunday is the better day for that.  With the sun in Leo beaming at Saturn (the planet of work and responsibility), there is a good chance that you will receive deserved recognition for the hard work you’ve put in, especially wherever the Leo, Sagittarius, and Capricorn energy fall in your chart.


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