Pink Moon 2017

Venus’ power is also amplified by the full moon being in one of her kindred signs, Libra. If you have gone through relationship issues during this retrograde season, a productive use of this energy is to open your heart to forgiveness.


Alas we prepare ourselves for the Mercury retrograde. You know what to expect – slow downs and confusion with all Mercury-related things. That includes possible difficulties with transportation, communication, electronics, and machines. Mercury is currently in calm sign of Taurus. It will officially retrograde on 4/9/17 but some people may be starting to feel the effects already. The planet starts to lose momentum before it actually turns around. Of course the planet is not really turning around, but that’s how we experience it from our perspective here on Earth, and perspective is everything right? (more…)

Jupiter in Libra

It’s been there for a while and it will be there for a while.  It’s retrograde right now, but that’s not a huge deal.  Jupiter is a beneficent planet.  The best way to benefit from its energy right now is to make sure you create balance in your life and your interactions with others.  If you are experiencing areas of imbalance you will be presented with opportunities to correct them now and for the next few months.