New Moon, New You

With Saturn present we have an opportunity to redefine our boundaries.  If you are ready to take charge of this energy, the best way to do it is to be the one to set your own limits and define your own boundaries.  Don’t sit back and let others do it for you.  They can’t see your vision.


Jupiter in Scorpio: Go Deep

Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio can be a healing time, but only if you are willing to face the fears that you normally keep hidden. Be open to connecting with people on a soul-level because Jupiter in Scorpio really doesn’t have time for that shallow, superficial stuff. You will get back what you put out there.

Solar Eclipse 

Go within. Make sure that your Spirit is right. That is extremely important. Examine your motives. Sometimes we even pull the wool over our own eyes.

Cancer Season

Happy belated Summer Solstice.  Cancer season has officially begun and the Cancer new moon is on Friday, June 23.  It’s a good time for connecting with your emotional side, but as always, be careful about taking it to the extreme. Cancer DOES have a tendency toward overemotionality; so remember to check yourself if you should start to feel like people are treating you unfairly or you’re feeling unappreciated.