Everything is energy.  Just like the moon’s energy can affect the tides of the ocean, the moon, sun, and planets can affect us. The Kindred Cosmos is about knowing that we live in a connected universe. When we understand the energies that flow through it a little bit better, we can work with them beneficially.



Gemini Season

Gemini season is here once again and Gemini’s most kindred planet, Mercury, will be moving into a sextile with Neptune.  Pay attention to your dreams. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you something. Does this mean that your dreams will come true? Not literally. … Continue reading Gemini Season

Planet of Love in the Sign of the Mother

Share your nurturing side with people. It doesn’t just have to be about romance.  You may have a friend or relative who is in need of some motherly advice or comfort of some sort, and you may be able to provide it.  Conversely, maybe you are the one who is in need. With Venus making a sextile to Uranus, don’t be surprised if you end up finding the support you need in an unusual place or you find yourself caring for someone you didn’t expect to care for.  These are interesting times.

Shifting Sands

Lightning quick Mercury conjuncts the planet of change (Uranus) as they are both going into the stable earth sign Taurus. The Mercury-Uranus conjunction could mean you will find out some surprising information that seems to come out of nowhere.  Every time we talk about Uranus we say things like “Expect the unexpected.” Well, can you ever really do that? I guess we just kind of brace ourselves because we don’t know what’s coming.

Results & Revelations

Loving intentions followed by positive actions tend to reap favorable rewards. If it doesn’t seem that way at the time, I encourage you to trust the process. It may take time for the bigger picture to be revealed.

Piscean New Moon

Pisces new moon energy will be active for at least the next two weeks.  Many would say even longer, as in six months or more. How will you use this energy.  I try to encourage people to focus on the highest expressions of all cosmic energy but be aware of the lower expressions so they can be more compassionate and understanding if they encounter it.  At its best, Pisces new moon energy is about forgiveness and healing. We are getting ready for the Spring Equinox, Aries season, the beginning of the cosmic new year. We can use this new moon to make a fresh start with forgiveness.